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*A service deposit is required to book all appointments. This deposit must be paid to secure appointment time, if not paid appointment time is not guaranteed..


Cleansing- Rejuvenating facial to clean deep down in pores and leave skin refreshed. $70 Add Jelly Mask - $80


Deep Pore- The relaxing power of steam ins used open the pores and lift the gunk trapped under your skin. Includes extractions and hand massage. $90    Add Hydrojelly Treatment mask- $105


Acne- Helps to reduce the acne you have and prevent new acne from occurring. $95

Anti-Aging- Turn back the hands of time with this therapeutic facial that helps to hydrate and diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. $85

Back Facial- For that area that you just can't seem to reach. Leaves your back feeling oh so clean and smooth to the touch. Includes removal of stubborn blackheads. $95

- Make it an Enyme Back Facial for $115

Vagacial- Helps with hyper-pigmentation and in grown hairs on your lady parts. $85 

Vagacial Treatment- Vagacial with extractions and recommended Peel. $100


Chemical Peel- Rejuvenates skin surface creating even and controlled shedding of layers over several days. Great for acne, sun damage, uneven skin tones, age spots, blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles.

- Enzyme Peel $85

-Beta Peel- $95

-Glycolic 35% Peel- $100

-Lactic Acid Peel- $150

-TCA Peel- $200

The "Gentleman's Facial"- Treat razor bumps and ingrown hairs with this deep cleansing facial for those men with stubborn skin. $75

HydroFacial- Suffer from dry skin? This super hydrating facial will give your skin the moisture it lacks, while laying the foundation for your at home skin care regimen. $99

Microdermabrasion - Removes outer layer of skin with medical grade aluminum oxide crystals. Designed to lessen the appearance of scars, sun damage, acne, fine lines and wrinkles. *6 sessions recommended*  $95

2 Sessions for $160 ADD  Hydrojelly Treatment Mask - $120



24K Gold Facial- helps firm, lift, brighten and calm the appearance of skin while providing an opulent glow. $99

Dermaplaning Facial w/ Hydrojelly  Mask- A customized facial for your specific skin type and needs which includes; Deep Cleansing, Dermaplaning, Extractions, Masques, Hydration and Sun Protection. $130

DermaPeel - Add a rejuvenating boost to your dermaplaning treat with chemical peel to treat that pesky hyper pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. $170

DermaGlow- A 24K Gold facial that will leave your skin GLOWING! Great for hydrating dull, dry skin. $150 


Derma-Ac- Infuse your derma planning experience with a Acne facial to treat active breakouts and scaring. $180

DermaMicro- Combine two powerhouse services (dermaplaning and microdermabrasion) to remove dead skin, and smooth the surface for a tightening and lifting affect. $150

DermaKitty Vagacial- $99

DermaKitty Peel Vagacial- $150 *includes skin lightening*

Alisha Danielle Signature Facials- $70

Rose Water Facial- Great for revitalizing stubborn dry skin. Balance your skins pH while replenishing moisture. 

Tea Tree Facial- Oily skin? No, problem! Made with organic tea tree essential oil to fight bacteria and reduce/treat breakouts.



Aloe Vera Mask - Add this organic mask to any facial for a more flawless feeling. $10

Lip Scrub- Give your lips the attention they deserve! Add our all natural lip scrub to any facial and leave with kissably soft lips. $5


Extractions- Get rid of those stubborn black/whiteheads! $10

Hydro Jelly Mask- $25

CBD Hydro Jelly Mask- $25

24K Gold Moisturizing Mask- $20